Are You Struggling With Bladder Control Issues Near Dubuque, Iowa Area?

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Dr. Logan Lynch, PT, Pelvic Health Specialist
Owner of Life In Motion Physical Therapy

Are You Having Trouble Treating Urinary Incontinence?

Are you sick of stressing over bladder leaks? Have you made every effort to rectify things yet still felt disappointed? Discover why Life In Motion Physical Therapy is the ideal option by reading on.

We can assist you if you can relate and need a solution for your incontinence.

At Life In Motion Physical Therapy, we are aware of the embarrassment and frustration that urinary incontinence may cause.

We collaborate with you to find the answer you have been seeking obstinately as a result.

Urinary incontinence is NOT ideal, as we all know.

You’ve been dealing with it for a while and are now prepared to identify a long-term fix so you may resume living your life without anxiety.

You’ve already missed out on enough due to urinary incontinence.

You are unable to live your life the way YOU desire because of ALL of these restrictions.

We are aware that there are answers to your concerns, so why hold back any longer?

Here's where we step in.

At Life In Motion Physical Therapy, we collaborate with you to return to the lifestyle you choose. Whether you want to be able to laugh worry-free or resume your exercise routine, we’ll help you get there.

Urinary incontinence is not something you have time for.

Let us assist you in finding a solution so that you may enjoy a worry-free life.

It’s time to find a lasting answer.

Are you curious to learn more? Today, enquire about our pricing and availability.

Here's the thing: There are many various methods one might try to manage the pain associated with urine inconsistence. We've observed it all.

Perhaps you've tried...
…however, all these choices do is restrict you and your life.
Here's the thing...

Bottom line: You shouldn’t have to struggle with urine incontinence.

Although urinary incontinence is an issue, there is good news: there are treatments available.

Because we are certain that we can address the underlying cause of your urine incontinence and help you go back to living worry-free, we at Life In Motion Physical Therapy provide your condition personalized attention.

Treatment enables us to determine the root of the problem, correctly and proficiently treating you with expert care.

No more band-aid fixes.

When you make a reservation with Life In Motion, we’ll get you the long-term relationship we’re searching for.

Because we recognize that you’ve already endured enough hardship, we are dedicated to treating you with purpose and devotion.

Stop missing out now. No more adjustments. No longer in pain.

It is now our turn to assist you.

You might be wondering, how does Life In Motion Physical Therapy differ from the competition?

We don’t provide you with temporary, short-term fixes as the other guys do.

We collaborate with you to find a solution so you may resume your favorite activities and enjoy them with the people you admire.

And so...
Doesn't it sound great?

This is something we can (and will!) make happen for you.

We assist you in achieving your physical and personal objectives while assisting you in regaining your sense of self.

We are aware of how much you have already had to miss.

That is no longer what we want for you.

You are simply eager to go back out there, create memories with your friends, and improve physically and intellectually at the gym – no restrictions. You are an active, powerful, confident, and empowered individual.

And we’ll keep our end of the bargain.

Our aim is to assist patients like you effectively and correctly since we are aware that your time is one of your most important resources.

You can rely on us to act in your best interests. We pay attention to YOU and YOUR goals, and we put them into action.

Schedule an appointment with us, and together, let’s put urine incontinence in the past.

Today, inquire about our pricing and availability.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Life In Motion Physical Therapy In Dubuque

8+ 5-star reviews

- Jordan A.

I really enjoyed my experience with Logan! She was a ton of help for my back pain both during the end of my pregnancy and postpartum. She always helped me reintroduce exercise into my life the right way postpartum & it made me feel so much more confident going back knowing my body was fully ready!


I worked with Logan for about 6 months because of knee pain I was having due to my lifting regiment. Logan identified many deficiencies in my movement patterns an taught me to rehab and maintain my movement. 6 months later I am pain free and back 100% to the sport I love.