Why Life In Motion Physical Therapy?

A woman sitting on a trampoline.
Dr. Logan Lynch, PT, Pelvic Health Specialist
Owner of Life In Motion Physical Therapy

Because you deserve a different experience than what the medical system is currently providing. 

Here at Life In Motion, you receive uninterrupted 1:1 sessions with your physical therapist so you get premium care that doesn’t feel rushed. Every appointment and program is tailored to YOU and your goals. 

Too often, patients go into their doctor asking for help for some of their most intimate concerns – pain with intimacy that is impacting their relationship, urinary leakage with exercise that has kept them out of the gym for years, or never feeling like they got their core strength back after having kids…..

….and too often the advice given amounts to a whole lot of nothing. 

“Drink wine” they say.

“Oh that’s normal” they say.

“Just stay away from those activities” they say.

You don’t have to accept those answers anymore. 


Imagine FINALLY being able to go workout with your friends again, and feeling confident in your bright-colored pants?


Imagine being able to be intimate with your partner without fearing that it will be painful for you?


Imagine feeling stronger AFTER pregnancy than you EVER felt before?

That’s what Life In Motion aims to deliver. 

To not only help your pelvic floor….

….but to make you a strong and resilient human.

Who can MOVE more, so you can LIVE more.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Life In Motion Physical Therapy In Dubuque...

8+ 5-star reviews

- Jordan A.

I really enjoyed my experience with Logan! She was a ton of help for my back pain both during the end of my pregnancy and postpartum. She always helped me reintroduce exercise into my life the right way postpartum & it made me feel so much more confident going back knowing my body was fully ready!


I worked with Logan for about 6 months because of knee pain I was having due to my lifting regiment. Logan identified many deficiencies in my movement patterns an taught me to rehab and maintain my movement. 6 months later I am pain free and back 100% to the sport I love.

- Chloe B.

Logan was great! She was very supportive and encouraging with each appointment. I would recommend her to all my family and friends who have pelvic floor issues!