Do You Have Problems With Painful Sex and Intimacy?

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Dr. Logan Lynch, PT, Pelvic Health Specialist
Owner of Life In Motion Physical Therapy

A Message From Logan Lynch, Owner & Founder Of Life In Motion Physical Therapy

Hello, my name is Logan Lynch, and I’d like to welcome you to Life In Motion Physical Therapy.

Have you been experiencing pain and discomfort when having sexual relations with your partner? Perhaps your doctor even informed you it was “normal.” But there might be more to it than that.

I’ve met hundreds of men and women, young and old, who are looking for answers to their terrible intimacy concerns.

Unpleasant intercourse is all too prevalent. Many people who have experienced this disease have been told they would never be normal again. Some folks were urged to “relax” or “take a glass of wine,” according to specialists.

This has even been described as “normal” by some.

But here's the point...


It is never too late to make a difference. You are not required to just “push through the misery” for the sake of your relationship.

Continue reading to learn how to be intimate with someone without having to worry about painful sex all the time.

Using these therapies, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women with this problem return to a normal sexual life.

I’ve posted a unique study on relieving pain with sex that covers 5 strong ideas and practices that you may use right away or gradually over time.

All of these strategies are known to be successful.

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You will be able to comprehend your body and the problems it is facing with my assistance. I’ll give you direct advice so you can move on from the hurt and return to intimacy without worry.

Many people have accepted that their terrible sex lives are now just a part of life. It doesn’t have to be you! My free EBOOK will teach you WHY there is still hope for pain-free intimacy.

Imagine having pain-free sex in a few months. What would happen to your life and relationships?

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There is no catch…

I’m doing this because far too many couples feel that unpleasant sex is an unavoidable part of life. IT IS NOT NORMAL, BUT IT IS COMMON.

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Logan Lynch
Owner & Head Clinician at Life In Motion Physical Therapy

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8+ 5-star reviews

- Jordan A.

I really enjoyed my experience with Logan! She was a ton of help for my back pain both during the end of my pregnancy and postpartum. She always helped me reintroduce exercise into my life the right way postpartum & it made me feel so much more confident going back knowing my body was fully ready!


I worked with Logan for about 6 months because of knee pain I was having due to my lifting regiment. Logan identified many deficiencies in my movement patterns an taught me to rehab and maintain my movement. 6 months later I am pain free and back 100% to the sport I love.