What is “Telehealth PT” And Is It For Me?

What is telehealth pt and is it for me?.

The back pain you have been dealing with for months is getting worse now that you are home more often.

There is additional stress that is making it worse.

You have been deep cleaning at home and your knees are acting up.

Your kids are home and you are in pain every time to pick them up. Or they want to play a family game on the ground, but you aren’t able to get down there.

Due to the recent global pandemic of the Coronavirus, all of our lives have been significantly impacted.

Whether you have been forced to work from home, are temporarily out of work, or working longer hours on the frontline trying to handle all of this…..your life has changed. Your daily routine is different.

Wouldn’t it be great to keep SOME sort of normal?

With the local business closings, lots of physical therapy clinics have chosen to close as well. But that back pain, that knee pain, and your inability to sit on the ground doesn’t just go away. And it is STILL important.

Because we all have enough going on in our lives, and being able to be active and move the way we want to should not be something we need to worry about.


With our amazing technology, it is now possible to see a physical therapist VIRTUALLY.

Meaning that with a phone, tablet, or computer with access to WiFi, you can get the help of a physical therapist to get back to moving the way that you want to, and prevent further injury down the road.

You will connect via a video chat with a physical therapist, discuss with them the problem that you are having or issue you want to work on, and together you will develop a plan that is based on YOUR goals. The PT will help you understand more about your pain, injury, or movement problem so that you can have a better understanding of what you can do about it.

What I love about Telehealth, is that it will put more of the power into the patient’s hands to take control of their care and their body. Obviously hands-on treatment cannot happen with telehealth, but there is so much value that a physical therapist can provide to help you feel empowered so that you can take care of your body for years to come.

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