Who is “Life In Motion Physical Therapy”?

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As I sit here writing the first blog post of our clinic, I can’t help but think “is this even real?”

I have dreamed about starting my own clinic for over a year now, and to think that I am HERE doing it – is just so crazy to think about. To become a physical therapist, you have to complete long term clinical rota

tions in various settings in order to gain a wide range of experience and learn how to treat pati

ents from different populations.

I learned SO MUCH from my experiences on rotations, and I am grateful for all of my instructors that helped me learn how to be a great physical therapist. But there were some things that I knew I didn’t want when I began practicing…..

Unfortunately, so many clinics and patients are controlled so much by what INSURANCE says. (aka people sitting in an office somewhere using an algorithm to determine who needs PT and who doesn’t, even though they are not PT’s and they don’t know anything about it).

At Life In Motion Physical Therapy, we provide a unique experience for our patients. YOU are in control of your care, as it should be. YOU get to set your own goals. YOU get to determine how much PT you want. YOU get to work with PT to determine what is meaningful for you to work on.

There is a lot of confusion about “physical therapy” and what is really is. So to make it simple, here is my explanation for what we do at Life In Motion Physical Therapy:

We help adults who had to stop going to the gym because they hurt their back, get back to the gym so they can feel healthy again.

We help the mom get back to picking up her child.

We help the dad improve his shoulder control so that he can play baseball with his son before the big game.

We help mover get back to his manual labor job so that he can provide for his family.

We help the yogi learn how to gain mobility, but still have control, so that she can attend yoga classes 3x/week.

We help the cyclist get back to the studio where she gets to hang out with her friends.

We help the CrossFit athlete stay safe when competing, instead of having to quit the sport like he has been told by so many physicians.

We help the athlete with the ankle sprain get back to their sport quicker.

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In summary: We help active adults and athletes get back to doing the activities that make them feel happy and fulfilled – without unnecessary surgeries, injections, or being told they have stop doing what they love.

Dr. Logan Lynch, PT, DPT

A woman sitting on a trampoline.

Dr. Logan Lynch

Life In Motion Physical Therapy

We help female fitness athletes & active women PREVENT & OVERCOME pelvic floor issues during their pregnancy & postpartum journey.